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The positive energy

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In order to provide a good working environment for the majority of employees, the company issued a notice
In order to provide a good working environment for the majority of employees, the company issued a notice requiring all departments to sort out, tidy up, clean up, clean up the production site, office area, and work area, and the company will carry out inspection.
Nanjing jinxin transmission equipment co. LTD
Because we are business administration department, we should not lag behind, so we figure how to make cleaning, office, our two little girl is no problem, but each district, became a difficult problem, notice issued when caught the continuous rain, so have no time to clean, finally clearing up today, all departments are in action, how can our department behind? So the two of us in the office packed up our tools and went to our battlefields, and we came to our dry area. We were dumbfounded. Because gardener to maintain trees at the end of the week, we have a lot of responsibility area was not clean, the leaves and branches and sales office at the back of the rubbish dump, if you want to clean, but a big workload, but also need a great deal of energy, there is no way, everyone is busy, we have no way to call people give us help, so we just boring head hard, after all, don't work for a long time, not for a moment kung fu is much, at this time of the overseas department guy not to be able to see our busy, active, come to our help, and salesman. Later, Mr. Liu called several people to the workshop to help us, kung fu live up to the people, in our efforts together, finally clean our district.
Nanjing jinxin transmission equipment co. LTD
A small thing, but it reflects the love and solidarity between people. If they didn't come to our help, or help, we are also no way, they didn't because not their jobs, you tease, but very hard to give us help, very grateful to them, let us moving, let us warm, because it is the positive energy, is a strong positive energy.
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