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War high temperature protection production

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The summer of 17 years is unusual. After the rare "violent plum" was sent away, it quickly ushered in the "three volts" days,
The summer of 17 years is unusual. After the rare "violent plum" was sent away, it quickly ushered in the "three volts" days, in which the temperature kept rising, 35 degrees, 36 degrees, 37 degrees, and seemed to break the high temperature of 40 degrees. In our workshop, the workers were sweating and outdoors, feeling as if they were locked in a steamer, but our workers were still fresh and energetic.
Nanjing jinxin transmission equipment co. LTD
Logistics personnel are interspersed in various workshops, some forklift operations, some loading and unloading goods from trucks, some on-site sorting operations, busy, timely transfer the workpiece to the area to be processed by workers, to facilitate workers to find; The first pass of all products processing is also an important step to gain the schedule time. Once the plan is sent to the hand, the processing preparation will be carried out immediately and the parts will be checked for operation. Because they know that the heat treatment cycle is fixed, they should buy more time for the next process. Speaking of the heat treatment plant, it is hot like a stove at this time. The red parts come out of the furnace, and the heat is absorbed by the air. There is nothing dry on the body of the workers, and their faces are red-hot. Constant temperature workshop and comfortable temperature all the year round. Due to the high efficiency of the equipment, it must work 24 hours. Although working hours are long and people are tired, the workers think that this is the last step of the part processing. Finally is our assembly bay, although few people, but can be several gearbox assembly at the same time, according to carried out in accordance with the assembly steps in order, they do not insisted is assembled, the problem in the assembly, they also want to solve immediately, because eventually hand over qualified FCL product is their task, can't stop, can't wait, can not put.
Nanjing jinxin transmission equipment co. LTD
In the face of fierce market competition and severe weather conditions, all the front-line staff of jinxin company are exerting their energy to contribute to the development of the company. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of you, the company will continue to develop towards the strategic direction, because jinxin company has a Wolf team!
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