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Hsu hsiao-ming often need to grab operating forgings, whether work or holidays, whenever needed, he will travel to suppliers for goods at the first time, this kind of story, he the indomitable, person

Xu xiaoming has been working very hard since he entered the company in 2007. He is active and serious. He is in charge of the forging business, which is a major business of the company. The company arranges the price reduction task, he takes the lead, starts from his business, gives the whole department the lead role, starts the price reduction struggle, simultaneously also actively helps other colleagues to negotiate with the supplier, completes the goal.


In recent years, she has been consistent in work, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, down-to-earth, and has the tenacious fighting spirit, always with a high sense of responsibility to devote herself to work, overcome various difficulties, and excellently completed various tasks assigned by the company departments.


Hsu hsiao-ming often need to grab operating forgings, whether work or holidays, whenever needed, he will travel to suppliers for goods at the first time, this kind of story, he the indomitable, person, positive enterprising, obscurity and selfless dedication of the noble quality is worth our each staff to study, at the same time hope hsu hsiao-ming will, as always, persistent towards a higher goal, brave to make more bigger update, contribute an own strength for the company.

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