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Company issued military order, no amount of difficulty, each department must be drawn up in accordance with the goals to achieve, this time is the time to reflect the team spirit, the first challenge 

In the third quarter of 2017, is a critical time for the indicators achieve company, as the production department, the production is one of the biggest mission objectives, in the first half due to the market downturn, less orders, production is reduced, for we finish the full-year target is not optimistic, some recovery, the second half of the order suddenly focused, and the cycle is very short, and is a serious challenge to us.


Company issued military order, no amount of difficulty, each department must be drawn up in accordance with the goals to achieve, this time is the time to reflect the team spirit, the first challenge is to design department, dozens of sets of gear box in a short period of time to design, production, delivery designers lack, facing the National Day holiday, design leadership immediately held a kick-off, adjust time, arrangement of tasks, the staff is also very active, decided to use a holiday to work overtime to buy time for production and give up, work overtime the rest, take the initiative to put double cease tuning into a single system, head of department to do a good job of logistics, let employees work in peace, no worries.
Next, the process, production workshop and external purchasing department responded positively and arranged all the work in advance before the holiday to track the progress of the parts, so as not to waste the holiday time. The deputy general manager of production gave the order that the output of each month should be ensured in the next three months. Problems should be solved immediately without any relaxation. I believe that with concerted efforts and immediate actions, even great difficulties can be overcome.
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