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Build advanced enterprise culture and create a brilliant tomorrow

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uesday, June 20, 2017, a special day, because the cleaning after work, I probably left the company at half past six in the afternoon, when I went to the shed from the office on the way, under the sudden torrential rain, I quickly walked quickly to the carport, see the rain is very large and didn't stop the trend, I stood in the canopy to wait for small rain to walk again.



But I saw master zhang, the doorman, waving to me, as if he were still asking. I thought he must be asking if I had a poncho, and I nodded to him on my mission. But he kept waving to me and telling me something. I saw him waving at me, so I ran to the guard's room and told him I had a poncho. He told me in the thick lishui mingjue words that such a rainy day, the poncho definitely not, must wear raincoat trousers. Then I understood what he meant. He was going to lend me his raincoat and rain trousers. He told me with great enthusiasm for a while. I saw that it was still raining, but it was getting dark. I thought I'd better go, so I agreed to borrow his raincoat and rain trousers. He immediately turned to take a bag out of his room, which contained the neatly folded raincoat trousers, and told me that the neckline of the raincoat should be tightened a little, and the raincoat should be pulled down to prevent the neck and legs from getting wet. While I was wearing it, he was watching, and all of a sudden he said, no, and he's missing a hard hat. So I went home armed.

It was raining hard on my bike, but my outfit really worked. I was not wet and I could see clearly. I got home safely.
I went home and told my family what had happened. My family unanimously praised the mutual love between my colleagues in the company as a company that made employees feel happy.


In fact, it is a very small thing, but it really makes me feel the warmth of my family. If we go out on a rainy day, our parents will be so concerned about us. At the same time, I know very well that the behavior of employees can fully reflect the deeply rooted corporate culture of the company. Our employees are such mutual help, mutual love, solidarity and cooperation, our team is such a cohesive, centripetal force, our company is so full of warmth and humanity, how can we not let us exert our talent and passion to the fullest? Let us hand in hand, for the joint construction of jinxin brilliant tomorrow and struggle.

Finally, I wish the company prosperity, employees happy life, and a better tomorrow!
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