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最近,公司一直在推行“客户服务”意识,服务于客户,服务于执行部门,服务于下道工序。有很多后勤部门就很难理解“服务于客户”对于他们来说又怎能做到?今天我就分享一个他公司财务部服务于客户的例子。     南京卡佩电子科技有限公司与我司合作了一单,金额是4080元,是提供配套件的厂家。7月初,外采部提交了一张卡佩公司的发票记账联复印件和一张丢失增值税专用发票已报税证明单给财务。我看到这张发票开具日期是2

Recently, the company has been promoting the concept of "customer service", serving customers, the executive department and the next process. There are a lot of back offices that have a hard time understanding how "serving customers" can be done for them. Today I'll share an example of his company's finance department serving customers.




nanJingkappe electronic technology co., LTD. Has cooperated with our company for one order, the amount is 4080 yuan, which is the supplier of accessories. In early July, the foreign purchasing department submitted a copy of the invoice bookkeeping page of capes company and a tax return certificate of the lost VAT special invoice to the finance department. I see this invoice issue date is on May 11, 2016, the tax bureau certificate date is on June 28, 2016, understand that this invoice is lost, the card's company looking for revenue out of a certificate, prove that this piece of bill they did issue also pay taxes, date interval for almost two months, estimation is also for a long time in the middle. Since we are the customer and paid to kappe company, I returned the abnormal invoice to the forign purchasing department, because we could not verify the input tax, and the invoice date was no more than 180 days, they could find a way to re-issue.

Two days later, I received a phone call from the finance department of carpe company. She sincerely apologized to me, saying that the invoice was lost due to a mistake in their middle link. She was very sorry for the trouble. At the same time, because this invoice has been paid taxes, and has been reported for instructions, and has been fined, so this invoice cannot be re-issued, they have looked for the tax bureau for many times and made many national tax consulting phone calls, the tax bureau told issued the VAT special invoice has been tax certificate for the customer can be verified. I think her reason is very sufficient, did not refuse, agree with her to ask lishui tax bureau how should deal with. Lishui tax bureau replied such invoice form is acceptable, manual certification input tax can. But there are problems in manual certification, manual certification is not. Then the invoice is returned to capel. I'm thinking they have no more reason.
A few days later, however, I got a call from kappe's company treasurer, who told me she thought about it for days and found a way. Now the national tax is carrying out A type of credit enterprises can be checked directly on the Internet, without manual certification, ask us what level of credit, I answer is A level of credit, although I know this policy, but we have not yet tried. She asked us to give it a try and help them. In fact, I was touched by her call again. The invoice of 4080 yuan, the tax is only 592.82 yuan, but their finance never gives up, they try their best to solve the problem. I felt so deeply that I promised her right away to try them again. In fact, we still need to use the national tax policy, not earlier or later, but I am willing to help them try it in advance, because their company gives me the impression that it is to serve the customers and solve all the problems of the customers smoothly. Since the financial staff of their company can take the problem so seriously, we have more reason to believe that the quality of their products will be ok. They won our praise.


We need to learn from the financial staff of kappe company, and the concept of "serving customers" will be applied throughout our work.

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