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After completion of a day's work, he never said how hard he is in front of leadership, we should be what kind of reward, simple deal with your clothes, just silently ride home, meet the second day of 

MAO wenyun, an ordinary welder, has no strong body, no impressive words, but a hard-working attitude.



 As we all know, welding and gas cutting work is a special position, with considerable safety responsibilities. In addition to professional knowledge and skills, we must have the spirit to endure hardships and stand hard work. Sometimes, due to the complexity of structural parts and long processing time, it takes several hours to work continuously. Sometimes, when a task is completed, the swelling and redness of the eyes are stabbed. In more serious cases, it may cause short-time blindness. In homework, is a squat down for an hour, braved the cold wind and ice and snow in winter, summer next to the sun, the earth's surface temperature often is in 50 degrees, sometimes in order to finish the work on time, don't hold up production progress, he got up early to the company or is delayed from work, a little cool in the evenings when working overtime, but can't wait for dispatch, he is still in the heat of the noon to blanking, clothes are all wet, sweat has left its impression on the ground, when we pass to let him have a rest, he wiped the sweat on his face, smiled and said: "This is what I'm going to finish today. The workshop is waiting. There are still parts to be cut on the side of the saw.



After completion of a day's work, he never said how hard he is in front of leadership, we should be what kind of reward, simple deal with your clothes, just silently ride home, meet the second day of work, we know that in addition to the company needs to he, his family also need him, he'll do a qualified employee's responsibility, also want to do a father's responsibility and obligation, as much as possible, we will provide the necessary services for him, let him relax service for the company!

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