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Be a responsible person

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Internal work, basic don't need to department heads coordinate, a few people to work well, help each other, and ensure the internal work from stagnation, nissin day every day, the important urgent thi

Jinxin's contract execution department, engaged in all production related planning management work, four people, responsible for the company's production planning arrangements, and all the women. Maybe you will laugh, think of the dry machinery manufacturing industry, how can the female comrades be good at these, do not have experience, the most important is to take care of the family, it is very difficult to work for more energy. Actually otherwise, although looks is the female comrade, but each shrewd and capable, not the slightest weaker than the male compatriot, specially in the responsibility aspect, has had it but is inferior.




 In xinhui company started from an apprentice, after seven or eight years of exercise, the mechanical processing, drawings, production cycle has been familiar with, make the cycle rigidity are basically accord with parts production cycle, the key is on the plan tracking, and is not a simple task, they will not be on a regular basis to ask about the progress of, supervision and enforcement. Ensure the progress of the coordination, can solve on its own, and let the leadership to deal with, not for a little thing called: "the emperor is not urgent, the eunuch anxious" this sentence, in our department in them is a commendatory term, because they will be responsible for the smooth implementation of the schedule, don't see a reminder, this suggests that the number of requirements, although not do, but must ask someone to do things as planned.



Internal work, basic don't need to department heads coordinate, a few people to work well, help each other, and ensure the internal work from stagnation, nissin day every day, the important urgent thing must be done, although several companies reduced people, work didn't how much less, but did not reduce work efficiency, more make good use of time, at work and life two not mistake.

The company just values their sense of responsibility, selects the right person, puts them in the right position, and ensures the smooth implementation of the production plan. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can shine and shine as long as you treat them with your heart.