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Anonymous front-line workers

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In jinxin company, there is an inconspicuous position, a young man, he is the warehouse keeper Chen chuanjin, he is responsible for the warehousing, delivery and storage of all the finished products of the company. Although just a warehouse management personnel, but he is very responsible work attitude, rigorous style of work, as you all know, the production output is as assessment index of the production department of a large, the completion of production must be qualified products into the Treasury, while the storage group is a team in the production department, the completion of the same output have an impact on their interests, but his inventory of production assembly workshop, the performance of a heavy, unqualified products, lack of parts must not be received, must be with the signature of the quality department, warehouse to income.




 Sometimes, some workers said jokingly, "why are you so serious? The product was put in first, and it will be done in a few days after it is fixed. It will be ok. "But the result is impossible, Chen Chuanjin said:" I want to give you put in storage, I also know how the output value, income also corresponding increase, but this violation as a warehouse keeper duties - will not be qualified products is likely to be sent to the customer, is not only the compensation, but also brought loss to the company's reputation, is not I can't bear the responsibility, but I can't let the company to undertake the risk of loss of market, no order, how do we go to wage earners, I'm sorry, I can't put in storage."




 At the time of shipment, he is very careful, carefully check to the delivery of products, some put a long time, he again packing cleaning, and sometimes put forward to production department due to the customer for a long time did not pick up the goods, whether to the opinion of the test again, the purpose is in order to meet the requirements of the quality of qualified products to customers, let the customer for the quality of the products we produced letter recognition, he has been on the job, conscientious, obey leadership arrangement, must work, this is a company ordinary employees jinxin mentality, we need such employees, jinxin company as their home.