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We are an army of iron

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Speaking of the army, everyone will think of a place full of strict discipline and fighting spirit, where soldiers absolutely obey the orders of their superiors, no matter how difficult it is, they must try their best to complete it. There is no reason for the so-called military order to fall down, even if there is only one person left in the war, they must keep their positions. In addition to leading the right strategy, all the employees in our machinery industry have to have the sense of military, if they want to be invincible in the competition.



At present, the company mission focus, cycle is very short, if you want to achieve the established target, is more difficult, quick to business leaders instructions, act now, all systems and departments according to the production adjustment plan, discuss and determine plan, full of story, to a great challenge, plan once established, no change, do not allow an excuse for a variety of reasons for finish the task.  南京金鑫传动设备有限公司

Our production workshop, has always been a surprise, but this is not a product, but just two and a half months, to complete the 170 sets of gear box manufacturing and assembly, quality can not relax, progress cannot relax, this is the requirements of the company, in order to ensure the completion of the task, make the company to be able to move forward in the market competition, workshop leaders lead by example, the workers work until what time, leading to what time, solve the abnormal situation, anytime and anywhere for workers to solve the trouble back at home, not only to assault battle to fight, the mission is a severe test, I believe that under the command of all departments with the plan as the outline and outline, I can accomplish the tasks assigned by the company.