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 At present, the market situation is very bad, and the competition is extremely fierce, which has reached a situation beyond ordinary people's imagination. In the face of this kind of cruel marketing "war", the company's general manager has issued all the objectives to meet the market and customer needs, and the concept of total marketing is needed.



As production system, facing the hard-won orders, how can according to customer requirements to ensure the quality of delivery time is a very difficult task, production vice President and we often say: "as a member on the production line, be sure to stand in someone else's position to consider the problem, what we see is the order of doing things, and marketers are feeling the stones across the river, the road ahead is dark, don't know what step will face the unknown difficulties, so we can't complain about marketing, order cycle is too short, to live hard processing, to know it is hard to get back food, only the pan had, everyone's bowl can be; Do not pick fat and pick thin, there is a bone gnawing already is good phenomenon, want to know at least the client still believes our company's ability, again difficulty and complain all apply positive working mentality to treat, strengthen mutual communication, with positive energy go to work, and infect all personnel. Company from top to bottom, the leading cadre to take the lead, in this difficult time, how to think about what will be more detailed production plan arrangement, how the production process more smoothly, how to improve logistics service, how to control the cost to produce products that meet the customer requirement, s




This is our production, to find a way out in the adverse circumstance, commitment to the customer must do, though it is a long process of change, but we have the confidence, recently we have a lot of successful cases, the order of nearly half cycle is less than before, but through the various departments of cooperation and coordination, we according to the promised products to customers, solve the customer on-site production crisis, obtained the customer letter recognition, at the same time also bring to our company for a long time cooperation, so I firmly believe that as long as we want to director, director, good work, achieving it, is not an accident, can hold a piece of heaven and earth for the company.