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Customer case


Sales and production win-win

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Customers during the process of our acceptance for the quality problem to grasp very urgent, very strict, but for our health environment is not very attention, throw cigarette butts, our Liu Jie after

 As the saying goes, the customer is god, god is always right, so don't argue with god are not and, as a qualified salesman, they not only to complete the monthly debt collection plan (order, collection), but also with clients to establish trust each other, the bridge of the friendly, stable and win-win, good customer relations, to meet customer demand at the same time, with the production department to achieve the consensus of the production plan.



 As a sales person, you should first know the information about the products, seize every opportunity, talk with customers, introduce the company, products, production capacity, etc.


In heavy customers to our company last Monday to see the progress, using the acceptance of the product (16-0034), a traveling salesman, unable to reception customer, workshop after receiving information, take the initiative to drive go to the station to pick up the customer, and arrange the customer dining, accommodation, workshop personnel cooperate actively to work overtime at night until the morning, the day did not leave, continue to go to work, the first line of this spirit is worth everybody to learn.南京金鑫传动设备有限公司


  Customers during the process of our acceptance for the quality problem to grasp very urgent, very strict, but for our health environment is not very attention, throw cigarette butts, our Liu Jie after marketing the hall door, saw a cigarette butts thrown in front of the door, who said this, throw cigarette butts, how to throw cigarette butts at the door, a heavy hearing this, the customer will reply, sorry, is me, I immediately picked it up and threw it into trash can, a heavy personnel of this willingness to admit that attitude is worth everybody to learn.

In order to make our employees have a good working environment, we need to help each other, supervise each other, cooperate with the team, and be proactive.