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Unity is strength

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2017年5月,是一个不寻常的月份,月初接连遭受大雨的侵蚀,月中后又面临着长达半个月的酷暑的折磨,而对于我们生产产量来说,可谓是举步为艰,不仅仅要完成公司下达的产量任务,还要确保员工的人身安全。     公司领导亲自下车间慰问一线的员工,关心大家的身体、鼓励大家要有拼搏的精神、送去防暑降温的药品和饮品,让在一线的员工感觉到家的温暖,也让员工体会到市场的残酷竞争和市场需求,市场是不会因为气候原因而理

 May 2017 has been an unusual month of heavy rain at the beginning of the month, followed by half a month of intense summer heat. It has been a difficult month for us to produce not only the output of our company, but also to ensure the safety of our employees.



Personally shop visit a line under the leadership of the company staff, care about your body, to encourage everybody to want to have the spirit of striving, send to cooling purposes of drugs and drinks, in frontline employees to feel the warmth of home, also let people realize the cruelty of market competition and market demand, the market is not due to climate reasons to understand and make allowance for our industry, the survival of the fittest, eugenic substandard tide it is nature.南京金鑫传动设备有限公司


 So the company unity from top to bottom, especially in the last week, probably won't finish see production tasks, company deputy general manager and production at this moment, immediately call related personnel, organization together, together after the briefing, a plan, formulated a series of guarantee measures, all departments middle, grassroots leaders actively mobilize personnel, according to production plan, step by step, tense and orderly execution, how long do employees, we lead with long, sweat soaked clothes, but our staff didn't give up because of this, it is because of the concept of up and down together, create a high temperature, high yield of the spirit of hard, Finally, I miraculously completed the tasks of the month, and turned the impossible into reality. Let us believe once again, as long as we have positive and upward solidarity and firm execution, any difficulties will bow to you, and we will achieve unexpected results.

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