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Although he to company's time is not long, although he is the father of the department heads, but in the work time, only the parent-child relationships, as he said: "the son is my leadership in the fa

 He is a former soldier, an ordinary logistics transporter, but an experienced teacher with a strong sense of responsibility. He is an ordinary employee of the logistics team in the manufacturing branch -- rui zhengxing.




 In sorching summer, always can see the figure of his work, attract me is not his skills, but always passionate working state, to walk spirit gas full, got to work out the same hussle playes has a soldier, do things clean implementation, a dirty and tired of grinding work, or transfer fee physical strength, the old rui always rushed in front, in order to save transport time, the parts as soon as possible to the first working procedure, use hand move, he won't use the machine, said: "So quick, save cost, take a meal to have a rest and then come back", this is a very simple sentence, reflect the quality of the soldiers in the army, after what mission, will be accomplished command and ban, never ambiguous, or do not do, do have to do a position.




  Although he to company's time is not long, although he is the father of the department heads, but in the work time, only the parent-child relationships, as he said: "the son is my leadership in the factory, arrange the task must be completed, which is in support of his work, if when in the company is holding the affection to laze around, then I would rather go to work at the construction site, nor in the face." Such an ordinary worker, but with higher thought and work attitude, our team needs people who can fight and can fight.

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