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In daily work, everyone always asks for leave, but leave the researchers will take the initiative to communicate with other people work, work place, replaced and the staff are very willing to help, an

The planning department of nanjing jinxin transmission equipment co., LTD., under the contract execution department, is responsible for the production planning arrangement of the entire contract order, including the analysis of the contract and technical agreement, production schedule planning, production planning monitoring, arrangement and collection of product data, and the overall coordination of the delivery of finished products. Personnel only four department plan, master plan for the product, single channel outsourcing decomposition plan plan, purchasing plan, drawing and so on important work, don't see four planner are women, although is a stranger to gear box at the beginning, but after 7-8 years of the company's culture and their own efforts, with each member has a very strong sense of responsibility, not accumulated a lot of experience, but also to work, now is just about equally.




  In daily work, everyone always asks for leave, but leave the researchers will take the initiative to communicate with other people work, work place, replaced and the staff are very willing to help, and in our contract executive planning groups, everyone working atmosphere is very good, the phenomenon of helping each other is the norm, do not care, so in the midst of so many years, did not ask for leave because of a member, and delayed the operation of normal work. Especially when the members are pregnant, not only I actively participate in the work, other members also take the initiative to share her work, caring, this is unity, this is a harmonious family, because of the jinxin company, a dynamic family, cultivate our small family full of strength!



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