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Joy at work

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 In order to provide a good working environment for the majority of employees, the company issued a notice requiring all departments to sort out, tidy up, clean up, clean up the production site, office area, and work area, and the company will carry out inspection. As we are a marketing company, we cannot fall behind. Under the leadership of general nie, we thoroughly cleaned the blind corner of the district. When the notice was sent, it rained continuously, so we had no time to clean it. So the marketing crew packed up their tools and went to our site, and we were like, what's going on here? Because weed is longitudinal, ChouShui brilliant, we have a lot of responsibility area was not clean, the leaves and branches and sales at the back of the hall, dump to be clean, is a big project, it's never too dirty, but everyone it is never too smelly, helping each other, hard work, in the ordered to do a good job of processing each link, everything comes to him who waits, together with everyone's efforts, finally got our responsibility area had been cleaned.



On this matter, we can see that we help each other, team cooperation, proactive, although a little bit tired but in the work to share the happiness!