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The spirit of jinxin transmission

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Manufacturing factory CW6180B type lathe machining section B area in use, factory machinery and equipment administrators through daily patrol and maintenance services in the analysis found that the area of 13 lathe equipment foundation, the original do not regulate, needs to be made to specification foundations, adjustment, to ensure the machining accuracy in equipment, factory machinery equipment, electrical administrators actively take plan, report the factory leadership, themselves according to the production arrangement, coordination by Taiwan plans to develop a foundation




  As a rule, the foundation of equipment needs to be handled by the external professional construction. Considering the company's policy of cost reduction and efficiency increase, the equipment managers do not want the company to spend the cost again. For example, for the cement hole of this kind of post 160, the external quotation is 150 yuan/piece. Under the premise of not delaying their work, the equipment managers are not afraid of hard work, and they are not afraid of hard work, making overall arrangements, lifting equipment, marking positioning, drilling, cleaning, equipment positioning, leveling adjustment, pouring concrete, equipment accuracy adjustment and verification. They methodically completed the task that was not their duty, which was to keep the equipment intact and save money.




 Their host spirit deserves our study!