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Zhang and li linke were in charge of the reception. Introduce the company briefly in the meeting room, then visit the workshop. Now, under the leadership of general sun and director rui, the workshop 

 The kang minister, jiang minister of a steel plant of hebei professional group, come to my company to inspect. Hebei professional group is a large group company mainly engaged in iron and steel industry, and also engaged in hotel, real estate, trade, steel deep processing, etc. In 2015, the group achieved sales revenue of 57.6 billion yuan and profit and tax of 880 million yuan, ranking 225 among the top 500 enterprises in China, ranking 11th among the top 100 enterprises in hebei, and ranking first among the top 100 enterprises in shijiazhuang for 7 consecutive years. This is an excellent private enterprise. In such a poor situation in the metallurgical steel industry, they can still make profits in the steel sector by good management. We always want to have a formal cooperation with them. We used to get in through other main engine factories. This is their third visit to our company for confirmation.

 Hebei dedicated health minister and his delegation to study the pace of fast, high efficiency. They went to baosteel yesterday morning, and in the afternoon they went to a supplier factory in ma 'anshan. I will go to south gaojiao this morning and arrive at our company at noon. The plane will go back after 3 PM. In these few hours, we will give our clients a comprehensive and clear introduction to the company and show its characteristics.


Zhang and li linke were in charge of the reception. Introduce the company briefly in the meeting room, then visit the workshop. Now, under the leadership of general sun and director rui, the workshop has changed dramatically. The site is neat and tidy, especially each section characteristic staff rest garden ground, has left the profound influence to the customer. At lunch, minister kang expressed that he was very relieved to cooperate with us. We are most happy to hear such words and get the customer's approval.