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All - night scramble to ensure delivery

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Since the 21st day is a rest day and no overtime work is arranged, most of the employees are at home. After receiving the task, they urgently contact the processing staff. Ge changjin, an employee of 

At noon on May 20, the work section received an urgent task. One gear part could not be installed and scrapped due to special factors, so it needs to be redone.




  Since the 21st day is a rest day and no overtime work is arranged, most of the employees are at home. After receiving the task, they urgently contact the processing staff. Ge changjin, an employee of the work section, had a rest at home at that time. When he got the phone call, he arrived at the company at the first time and began to work on the parts without saying a word, even though he had to work overtime to finish the parts. Section considering the need to all night to complete the task, to ensure the smooth completion of the task, but also to the employee's own safety, and inform the section staff Jiang Yayun to cooperate GeChangJin, no complaints after Jiang Yayun received a phone call, also arrived at the company, after they all night together rob system, ensure the smooth completion parts on the second day morning, into the next procedure, laid the foundation for the smooth completion of the whole product.



For this kind of master idea of employees, we are worth learning, we jinxin company is also proud of such employees, the company's development cannot be separated from such employees. We want to create a team of people, and we want every employee to be part of that team, and the future of the company is going to be great.