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Field management reform of vertical mill main reducer

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In order to create a good working environment for employees, to leave a good impression to customers! Nanjing jinxin in the effort to speed up the production site of the working environment, subversive improvement! Site management is to promote production safety, eliminate management mistakes, prevent accidents, strengthen safety culture construction, set up enterprise image and promote safety work development play an important role. At the same time, site management is also the management of various production factors and the verification of various management functions. The key to good management of an enterprise is to see good on-site management. In an enterprise with chaotic on-site management, it is difficult to produce high-quality products. In the market economy condition, the scene is the market, the scene is the image of the enterprise. Only by strengthening site management can we produce quality products and continuously improve economic efficiency.



The production system leader takes the lead to organize the staff to carry on the comprehensive reorganization to the workshop site, does not spare any corner, implements the company workshop 7S management standard truly.


Firstly, the waste material behind the 3.2-meter gear hobbing machine in the gear hobbing section is removed and cleared, and the parts to be processed in the gear hobbing process are covered with boards. To avoid the processing of parts everywhere in the workshop, occupation of corridors.


Arrange staff to inspect and organize the site around the anti-friction reducer every morning, and avoid the cloth, tools and tools to be placed around the machine. Clear the aisles every day before leaving work. Keep the workshop clean!


The work section also performs on-site inspection and records on the grinding gear box every day, and puts forward rectification opinions to the work team. And ask each class group time limit rectification. Nearly two hours will be arranged every Friday afternoon, and the site environment of antifriction reducer will be cleaned, cleaned and rectified on a large scale. 南京金鑫传动设备有限公司

As a manufacturer, nanjing jinxin site environment improvement and maintenance is our constant pursuit of the goal! The core of production site management is people, who run through all links of the whole production. If the management of people is done well, the site management is done well, and the quality of products can be guaranteed firmly.

We firmly believe that under the care and support of the company's leaders, and with such a hard-working and willing to fight team, we will not be afraid of all difficulties and strive to make the company and customers satisfied.