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[progress of aluminum rewind gear reducer] : simack, a German company that is one of the world's three major metallurgical equip

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减速机厂家 卷取机

On the morning of September 1st, Mr. Wang jingli, the purchasing manager and Mr. Chen jingli of the quality department of simark (China) co., LTD., one of the world's three major metallurgical equipment manufacturers, visited jinxin transmission to inspect the progress of the contract of aluminum belt rewinding machine.
The reduction gear of aluminum belt reel in this contract belongs to non-marking reduction gear and customized reducer, which is customized according to the requirements of ximark company as before. The quality standard SN200 of ximark company is one of the most stringent quality standards in the world. Jinxin transmission has been in line with the world's top quality standards since its establishment. After grinding, jinxin transmission has fully understood this standard more than ten years ago.
Manager wang just arrived at jinxin transmission to tell us: I generally do not go to inspect the supplier, unless there is a problem, remember is generally a problem; I'm here today, not because you have a problem, but the delivery time is really too tight, so we need to deliver the goods twenty days in advance. I need your cooperation, please do your utmost to help. For a long time, we have been very recognized jinxin transmission, for your product quality, site management, product schedule, delivery date, we are quite satisfied and assured, you are the best in the reduction plant.
In view of the special situation, jinxin drive immediately called for an emergency meeting of all departments to discuss the matter of advance delivery with ximark company. The problems of advanced delivery mainly focus on gear and gear shaft, which have high precision requirements and long processing time, especially heat treatment. Finally, jinxin transmission decision: to adopt coordination in the system of various projects, the holiday overtime, three shifts, and other measures, must guarantee the requirements of the west mark company. Manager wang and manager Chen are satisfied with this, they said: they heard that the reducer manufacturers are very good, now this view from jinxin transmission began to change. If all our suppliers are like you, our work will be much easier.
Later, king manager and manager Chen visited the xinhui transmission, detailed understanding of the body shop, coarse car workshop, finishing workshop, gear milling workshop, gear grinding workshop, heat treatment workshop, assembling workshop, testing workshop, etc., manager wang regrets: reducer home configuration less complete, advanced equipment, jinxin each technology plant configuration is complete, can master the processing progress, production management in an orderly way, put the aluminum coiling speed reducer in here, you I rest assured, to strengthen cooperation in the future.

Jinxin transmission always adheres to: to meet the needs of customers is our eternal pursuit。我们不仅提供高质量的定制减速机,在客户确实需要提前交货时,我们也会想尽办法解决客户的难题,急客户之所急。