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Common roll material

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 The commonly used roll materials are alloy wrought steel, alloy cast steel and cast iron(1) the alloy steel used for roll forging with gold forged steel has been stipulated in China's "national standard". The GB/ t13314-1991 standard lists the steel used for hot rolled roll and cold rolled roll.Hot rolling steel is 55Mn2, 55Cr, 60CrMnMo, 60SiMnMo, etc

There are 9Cr, 9Cr2, 9Cr2W, 9Cr2Mo, 60CrMoV, 80CrNi3W, etc.
(2) alloy cast steel used in roll casting is not yet available and there is no uniform standard. With the development of electroslag remelting technology, the quality of alloy cast steel is improved step by step.
(3) cast iron can be divided into ordinary cast iron, alloy cast iron and nodular cast iron. Different cast iron rolls with different hardness can be obtained when casting roll. Therefore, there are semi - cold hard, cold hard and wireless cold hard roll.


Semi - cold hard roll: there is no obvious white layer on the surface of the rollCold hard roller: the surface has a white surface layer, the core is a gray surface layer, and the hardness of the rolling surface is greater than or equal to 60

Wireless cold hard roller: the surface of the roller is white, but there is no obvious boundary between the white surface layer and the gray surface layer. The hardness of the roller surface is higher than 65
Cast iron roll has high hardness, smooth surface, abrasion resistance, simple manufacturing process and low price. The drawback is that the strength is lower than the steel roll. Only ductile iron roll has good strength