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Type and structure of rolls

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Rollisthemainpartofrollingmill.Accordingtothetypeofrollingmillcanbedividedintoplatemillrollandshapemillrolltwocategories.  Therollbodyofplatemilliscylindrical.Sometimes,therollbodyofhotrolledsheetroll
Roll is the main part of rolling mill. According to the type of rolling mill can be divided into plate mill roll and shape mill roll two categories.
The roll body of plate mill is cylindrical. Sometimes, the roll body of hot rolled sheet roll is slightly concave. The roll body of the cold rolled sheet roll is slightly protruding. There is a groove on the roll body of the profile mill.



  The roll consists of a roll body, a roll neck and a shaft head. The roll neck is installed in the bearing and passes the rolling force to the frame through the bearing seat and the press-down device. The shaft head is connected to the coupling to transfer the rolling torque. There are three main types of shaft head: plum shaft head, universal shaft head, keyway or cylindrical shaft head. Practice has proved that the shaft head with double keyway is easy to crack in the practical process, and the shaft head with platform is commonly used to replace the shaft head with double keyway at present.

More than 400 mm cold rolling roll diameter, after forging, mostly in the center bore of a ¢hole of 70-250 ¢. In this way, on the one hand, the internal stress distribution of the roller can be uniform after heat treatment; on the other hand, when the roller surface is hardened, the water can be cooled inside the roller and the quenching effect can be improved.