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Development of wire mill

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Inrecentyears,theforeignwireproductionisstable,wireproductionaccountsfor7%-8%ofthesteeloutput.Wiremillisoftenusedtoproducecircularcrosssectionrolledmaterialswithadiameterof5-12.7mm.  Intheindustrialap
In recent years, the foreign wire production is stable, wire production accounts for 7%-8% of the steel output. Wire mill is often used to produce circular cross section rolled materials with a diameter of 5-12.7mm.
In the industrial application, it is required that the wire plate is large, the diameter tolerance is small, and has good and even mechanical properties. Therefore, in the last 30 years, wire mill in high speed, heavy plate, high output and high precision has a great development.
Most of the wire mills in the 1940s were divided into Belgian wire mills, which required manual feeding of steel. The maximum rolling speed was limited to less than 10m/s. Due to low speed and large temperature drop of rolled parts, the size accuracy of wire is affected. Therefore, its disc weight is generally about 80-90kg. The production capacity of the mill is 10-15t/h.
A semi - continuous wire mill was developed in the 1950s. The roughing mill is continuous, the finishing mill is march-past, and the intermediate mill is continuous or march-past. In the semi-continuous wire workshop with a higher degree of mechanization, manual feeding of steel can be adopted. The maximum rolling speed is about 15m/s, and the weight of wire plate can reach 125kg. When five - line rolling, the output of the mill is 350,000 t.
The so-called high speed wire mill generally refers to the rolling mill whose maximum rolling speed is higher than 40m/s. Appeared in the mid - 1960 - s, 45 ° and Y type high-speed mill, top speed of 50-70 - m/s. The wire plate weighs 1500-2500kg and the annual output of four-wire rolling is 600-800,000 t.
Development of wire mill
The 1970s. Morgan non - twist high - speed finishing mill group has a great development, production has reached more than 160 sets. In the late 1970s, the outlet speed of cantilever untwisted finishing mill groups was mostly 65-80m/s, and some were up to 120m/s. 45 ° finishing mill group generally consists of 23 to 26 frame series, center distance of about 500 mm. Each unit of 8-10 for silicon carbide roll, each stand roll staggered into 90 ° to decorate, and 45 ° Angle with the ground arrangement (FIG. 1-8). Current model line wire mill profiles for three-high, 45 °, 15 ° 75 ° / peace - alternating four.