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Safety precautions for use of reduction gear of rolling mill

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1. Before use (installation, operation, maintenance, spot check, etc.), the user must read this operation manual and other attached materials carefully and use it correctly. The knowledge of the machine, safety matters and matters to be noted should be read before use. After reading, keep it in a place visible to the actual user.
2. Personnel with professional knowledge and skills must be responsible for carrying out, setting up, laying out pipelines, machine operation, operation, maintenance and inspection. Otherwise, it may cause injury or damage to the machine.




 3. Safety protection facilities should be set at the device side when using manned devices. Otherwise, the device may cause personal accident or damage due to rapid movement of the device.

4. Safety device to prevent falling should be set at the side of the device when using the lifting device, otherwise it may cause personal accident or damage to the device due to falling of the lifting body.
5. Do not disassemble gear box during operation. In addition, even if the operation stops, the input and output shaft of the gear box is in the connection state with the motor and the opposing machine, and the parts outside the oil supply and discharge port and inspection cover shall not be decomposed. It is possible that the teeth of the gear may be misaligned, causing falling, flying away, and other personal accidents or equipment damage.
6. Do not use outside of gear box specifications. May cause personal injury and device damage, etc.
Do not place fingers and items in the mouth of the gear box. May cause personal injury and device damage, etc.
Don't use damaged gear boxes. Can cause injuries and device damage.




 9. The customer's product transformation is beyond the warranty scope of our company, and our company is not responsible for it.

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11. For gearboxes, oil stations or lubricating pumps of external oil stations, please refer to the operating instructions of oil stations or lubricating pumps.