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Maintenance of reduction gear of rolling mill.

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V. if the gear box stops in the production process and the oil is stopped for more than 8 hours before starting, it shall comply with the requirements of "v. start". Especially in winter, if the oil i
A, an oil change
The gear box should be changed for 6 months after first operation, and the filter and gear box should be rinsed. The lubricating oil will be replaced every year for a maximum of 15 months. It is recommended to clean the gear box and oil road after oil change. After each operation for 6 months, the oil shall be inspected as follows. If any of the following conditions are found, the oil shall be changed:
1) observe whether there is sediment on the bottom of the box
2) observe for water or milk
3) check the viscosity compared with the original, if the difference is more than 20%, indicating that the oil has failed.
4) check the insoluble substance. If it is more than 0.2%, oil should be changed or filtered
5) test the anti-emulsification ability to find whether the oil has gone bad.
6) at the beginning of operation, pay attention to whether there is a significant change in oil intake pressure. If yes, find out the reason and deal with it in time


2. Record of operation and maintenance:

The working load, rotating speed, feed oil return temperature and bearing temperature of gear box are recorded every day. If there are abnormal changes, we should timely analyze and study, and find problems as soon as possible.  南京金鑫传动设备有限公司

Maintenance inspection

1) after operation for 48 hours, all pipe fittings and fasteners are checked every time to see if they are loose. Check the alignment again. Check regularly later.2) the ventilator on the gear box is cleaned semi-annually.Iv. The following routine examinations are recommended:Daily: check oil leakage, abnormal vibration, noise, inlet and return oil temperature and bearing temperature;Weekly: check whether the oil is clean and blocked;Monthly: check whether the foundation bolts are loose, replenish lubricating oil in time, and check the working status of each instrument;Every six months:1) analyze the oil. If the oil is qualified, it is recommended to remove the oil from the system, and re-use it after precipitation filtration. If the oil has gone bad, it is recommended to drain the oil and clean the oil system and inject new oil.2) check the alignment and wear of the coupling.3) check the contact situation of tooth surface and bearing.4) make the gear box run for 30 minutes every week when parking for a long time, otherwise, it should be stored for a long time;  南京金鑫传动设备有限公司

V. if the gear box stops in the production process and the oil is stopped for more than 8 hours before starting, it shall comply with the requirements of "v. start". Especially in winter, if the oil is shut down for more than 4 hours, the regulations must be implemented.