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Our company rolling mill gear box structure features

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Gear box type: all the gear boxes of horizontal rolling mill are divided horizontally, and the transmission gears of all levels are arranged as far as possible at the dividing surface of the gear box. The gear meshing part of the reducer has observation holes, and the size of the observation holes is large enough. Transparent plexiglass should be used outside. The whole machine is equipped with divided floor. The horizontal gear boxes at 1H, 3H, 5H, 7H, 9H and 11H all adopt the vertical transfer form as shown in the figure below.

南京金鑫传动设备有限公司Lubricating mode: the lubricating of the reducer is forced lubrication by thin oil; Thin oil lubrication pipeline is arranged inside the box; Set the electrical contact flow signal meter + mechanical pressure gauge. The inlet and outlet tubing of gear box is connected by flange.

Output shaft type: hollow output shaft. The length of the outer surface of the box protruding from the end face of the hollow shaft shall not be less than 300mm.
Seal: gear reducer input/output shaft adopts mechanical labyrinth seal without maintenance; At the same time, the oil return pipeline is set up on the input shaft. The internal oil return hole of the reducer should be increased to ensure no oil leakage. The external oil return hole should be added at the oil collecting cover.
Dynamic balancing: if the linear velocity of the shaft (at the maximum diameter) is greater than 15m/s, the test grade is 2.5.
Gear precision: the gear adopts hard surface grinding, and the machining accuracy of cylindrical gear is 5 levels specified in gb10095-2008. The machining accuracy of taper gear is 6 levels specified in gb10095-2008. The bevel gears are made of klingen bell teeth.
Tooth gap requirements: according to relevant standards
Gear material: gear and gear shaft material is made of high-quality low carbon alloy steel 20CrNi2MoA, carburized and hardened, hard tooth surface gear, tooth surface hardness HRC58~62; The material of the shaft is alloy steel 42CrMoA, which is used for tempering.
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