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Rotary flying shears

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滚筒式飞剪机是一种应用很广的飞剪机。它在设在连轧机组或横切机组上,用来剪切厚度小于12mm的钢板或小型型钢。这种飞剪机作为切头飞剪机时,其剪切厚度可达45mm。滚筒式飞剪机的刀片作简单的圆周运动,故可剪切运动速度高达15m/s以上的轧件。     图9-1是滚筒式飞剪机结构示意图。刀片1装在滚筒2上。滚筒2旋转时,刀片1作圆周运动。用于切头切尾的滚筒式飞剪机,在滚筒上往往装有两把刀片,分别采用切头

 Rotary flying shears is a widely used flying shears. It is located on a continuous rolling mill or crosscut unit and is used to shear steel plates or small sections with a thickness of less than 12mm. When this kind of flying shear machine is used as cutting head flying shear machine, its shear thickness can be up to 45mm. The blade of the rotary flying shearing machine makes a simple circular motion, so it can shear rolling parts with a speed of more than 15m/s.




 FIG. 9-1 is a schematic diagram of a rotary flying shear. Blade 1 is mounted on roller 2. When roller 2 rotates, blade 1 moves in a circle. The rotary flying shears for cutting head and tail are usually equipped with two blades on the roller, which respectively adopt cutting head and cutting tail. The flying shear adopts the starting work system. The rotary flying shears for cutting the ruler generally adopt the continuous working system. The rotary flying shears of small workshop usually install the blade on the lever which moves in a circular motion due to the narrow width of the rolling part (as shown in figure 9-2).

The flying shears shown in figure 9-2 also become rotary flying shears.




  Drum or rotary flying shear blades for circular motion, upper and lower blade cut into the workpiece, in vertical direction is not parallel, rolled pieces after cutting head is not flat, so with shear diameter less than 30 mm ¢round steel or corresponding billet, as well as the sheet belt is advisable.