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Adjust and install the flying shear

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a.安装  飞剪机安装时除应满足图纸上的技术要求外,还应遵守下列规范:  (1)冶金机械设备安装工程施工及验收规范通用规定:  YBJ201-80  (2)冶金机械设备安装工程施工及验收规范-液压、气动和润滑系统的规定:207-85  (3)冶金机械设备安装工程施工及验收规范-轧钢设备:  YB9249-93。其中飞剪机的安装精度采用I级。  (4)剪机上电气设备的安装应相应的国家或行业标准。  
A. install
In addition to meeting the technical requirements on the drawings, the following specifications shall be observed when installing the flying shear machine:
(1) general provisions for the installation, construction and acceptance of metallurgical mechanical equipment:
(2) specification for installation, construction and acceptance of metallurgical mechanical equipment - requirements for hydraulic, pneumatic and lubricating systems: 207-85
(3) standards for installation, construction and acceptance of metallurgical mechanical equipment - steel rolling equipment:
YB9249-93. Among them, the installation precision of flying shears adopts grade I.
(4) the installation of electrical equipment on shears shall be in accordance with national or industrial standards.




  B. adjust

The adjustment of the flying shear can only be carried out on the basis of correct equipment installation and acceptance.
The adjustment of the flying shear shall be carried out according to the requirements of the drawing.
(1) the cutting edge gap of the flying shear machine should be adjusted to between 0.2-0.4mm, and the thickness of the cutting edge should be 2mm. When adjusting the blade gap, the gear side gap should be firstly eliminated, and then the blade gap should be adjusted to 0.2-0.4mm through the grinding spacer. The thickness of the blade is adjusted mainly by grinding the blade and adding the gasket.
(2) adjust the inlet and outlet guide plates so that the rolled parts can be smoothly imported and exported to the flying shear machine.
(3) each rotating part should operate flexibly and should not be stuck. If necessary, adjust the bearing clearance again.
(4) check the oil feeding situation at each lubrication point of the flying shear to ensure that the oil road to each lubrication point is unblocked and free of oil leakage.
(5) position adjustment of proximity switch or motor encoder shall be performed according to the requirements of electric control design.
(6) manually turn the cutting edge for several weeks to confirm that there is no collision.
(7) when installing the crank cutter body, the parallelism of the upper and lower blades can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric sleeve on the shaft of the upper crankshaft.