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Development of flying shear

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机用于剪切横向运动着的轧件,其开始于十九世纪末期,经过百年的发展,在生产过程中使用的飞剪类型教多。目前,较广泛应用的飞剪形状为:圆盘式飞剪、滚筒式飞剪、曲柄连杆式飞剪。     曲柄偏心式飞剪、摆式飞剪、曲柄连杆式飞剪等,以目前飞剪的使用情况和线材生产的发展要求可以看出,飞剪存在以下两个方面的发展趋势:  (1)剪机的剪切断面质量要求提高,这要求剪切机刀刃在剪切区域内沿水平方向的速度应与轧件最大速

The machine is used for shearing cross moving parts, which began in the late 19th century, after a century of development, in the production of the use of flying shear type teaching. At present, the widely used flying shears are: disc flying shears, rotary flying shears, crank connecting rod flying shears.



 The eccentric fly shears, swing fly shears, crank connecting rod fly shears, etc. According to the current use of fly shears and the development requirements of wire production, fly shears have the following two development trends:

(1) the shear section quality of the shearing machine should be improved, which requires that the speed of the shear blade along the horizontal direction in the shear area should be consistent with the maximum speed of the rolling piece. In order to achieve this goal, the uniform mechanism is often set in the flying shear, and some shears are equipped with clearance adjustment mechanism. The improvement of these devices leads to the more and more complex shearing structure. Therefore, it can be seen that the biggest development trend of fly shear is the complexity of the mechanism, but the corresponding improvement of shear quality, shear performance is better and better, more and more functions.
(2) another development trend of cutting is the increasing degree of automation. With the development and improvement of mechatronics process, with the increasing speed of rolling, automation has become an inevitable development direction. First of all, the production of rolling line is more and more advanced, and the rolling speed is faster and faster. Manual operation alone cannot adapt to the development of rolling process. In order to make manual operation not hinder the improvement of rolling process, the automatic degree of rolling process is required to be higher and higher, which can adapt to the requirements of modern industrial development. The improvement of control of industrial development and mechatronics process provides necessary conditions for the development of automation.


The above is a brief analysis of the types, functions and characteristics of flying shears in wire production. Through this design, I have a deeper understanding of the flying shear machine and the whole wire production, and I have a more detailed understanding of the working principle and application of the flying shear of crank connecting rod, thus laying a solid foundation for my future work.