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Selection of driving mode of flying shear

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曲柄连杆式飞剪机总体上有两种驱动方式:一是单电机驱动主轴,而另一对剪切轴由齿轮啮合来传递力矩进行驱动;另一个方式是,由两台电机分别驱动两根主轴。下面将两种方式的特点进行比较,以便选出更加合适的设计方式,来满足此次的设计要求。     1.单电机传动方式:  由于其由一个电动机做动力源,其中输入轴是由电机直接进行驱动,而另一对剪切轴式通过安装在输入轴与剪切轴之间的齿轮啮合来进行传动的。这样可以明显的

 There are two driving modes in general: one is driven by a single motor, while the other one is driven by a gear meshing to transmit torque. Another way is that two motors drive two spindles. The characteristics of the two methods are compared as follows, so as to select a more appropriate design method to meet the design requirements this time.


1. Single motor drive mode:Since it is powered by an electric motor, the input shaft is driven directly by the motor, while another pair of shear shafts are driven by the meshing of the gears between the input shaft and the shear shaft. It can be clearly seen that the load on the gear on the input shaft will be much larger than that on the driven shaft, and the load on the input shaft will be much larger than that on the driven shaft; In this way, the input shaft and the gear on it are bound to have greater possibility of damage, so the strength of the input shaft and transmission gear is required to be higher, and the size is larger. The single motor can only use pneumatic working system and can not use continuous working system. However, the advantages of this scheme are also obvious. First, the rotation speed of the upper and lower axes is almost the same, which means the synchronicity of the upper and lower cutting blades is high. Second, the structure is simple. Low cost and low power; Thirdly, a simple set of shear gap adjusting mechanism can be designed through gear transmission.


 2. Dual motor drive mode:It overcomes two disadvantages of single motor drive. First, its two transmission systems are parallel drive, driving their respective spindle separately. High safety; Secondly, it has two motor drives respectively, so the load of each motor is much less than that of the previous one, so it is more suitable for continuous working system. Second, its maintenance and repair teaching first program is complex, its equipment volume is large; Three, its synchronization is good, need special equipment to its speed synchronization.

This design only USES the fly shear machine to cut the head and tail, so does not require continuous work. Since the starting working system has met the requirements and the shear force is small, it can be seen that the first mode driven by a single motor is more suitable. Both of them have good synchronicity, meet the requirements of shear and low cost, simple structure. Based on the above factors, the single motor speed reduction transmission method is finally selected.