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Structural design of flying shear

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1)剪切结构  曲柄连杆飞剪机在剪切轧件时刀片垂直与轧件,剪切断面较为平整。不工作是,刀片停在水平位置上,当有轧件通过时,刀片在竖直位置刀片以大约相同的速度,完成对轧件的剪切此后刀架旋转使刀片又停到原来位置。当需要对轧件进行碎断时,刀架不停旋转完成碎断任务。     2)机架的设计  由于工作机座采用单独驱动,采用一级减速器平动传动。设计成齿轮箱式机架。此箱可分为上、中、下三箱。上箱中箱内安装剪切
1) shear structure
The flying shearing machine with crank connecting rod is vertical to the shearing part. Instead, the blade stops at the horizontal position. When a piece passes through, the blade in the vertical position cuts the piece at about the same speed. When it is necessary to break the piece, the tool holder can be rotated to complete the breaking task.
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2) design of frame
Because the working frame is driven separately, it is driven by one grade reducer. Designed into gear box frame. This box can be divided into three boxes: upper, middle and lower. Shear shaft is installed inside the box in the upper box, and big gear is installed on the shaft, which is fixed on the box by bearing and bearing seat. In the middle box and the lower box, there are shear shafts respectively. On the shaft, there are gears with the same number of teeth and size as in the upper box. It is fixed on the machine base by bearing. The bottom part of the box is provided with the bottom plate fixed with the foundation. The three boxes are respectively equipped with hooks for easy disassembly and assembly. The upper tank is provided with oil injection hole and pressure oil input hole, and the bottom of the tank is provided with oil sump and oil drainage hole to facilitate the removal of impurities from the oil drainage hole.