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Flying shear cutting control process

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A自动时:光电检测信号→经由电平转换→PLC系统→发出,剪切信号→施加速度给定→飞剪加速从零位起动→至剪切点剪切→到制动位→给出正爬指令→至甩距位→给出反爬指令直至剪刃到达零位→PLC发出停车指令。     B手动时:  手动操作和自动操作基本一样,只是外部来信号将“光电检测信号”变为操作台上的“切头/切尾选择”信号。     C碎断操作:即事故时连续定尺剪切。操作台给定碎断信号后,经过光电隔离,

A automatic time: photoelectric detection signal - to be converted by level - to be emitted by PLC system - shear signal - to apply speed setting - to fly shear acceleration - from zero start - to shear point - to brake - to give the crawling command - to the swinging position - to give the backcrawling command - to give the backcrawling command until the cutting edge reaches zero - to send the stopping command by PLC.




 B manual time:

Manual operation and automatic operation are basically the same, only the external incoming signal changes the "photoelectric detection signal" into the "cutting head/cutting tail selection" signal on the operating table.



C breaking operation: that is, continuous ruler cutting in case of accident. After the operator station is given the breaking signal, the position of the photoelectric detection signal and the cutting edge is blocked through photoelectric isolation. At the same time, the signal is sent to PLC through the conversion of the level. The PLC sends the breaking command, and the breaking speed is given. After breaking, remove the lock on the position signal of the flying shear blade. The cutting blade is the same process when pressing the cutting head. After running an action cycle, it stops on the parking space