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Joint debugging procedure for each system of equipment

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A.Therotatingpartsandmovingpartsofthemanualdriveequipmentshallbefreeofstuckresistance.Bopenthevalvesofpneumaticsystem,dryoilanddiluteoilsystemandcheckwhethertheyareinthecorrectposition;   Dopeneachval

 A. The rotating parts and moving parts of the manual drive equipment shall be free of stuck resistance.

B open the valves of pneumatic system, dry oil and dilute oil system and check whether they are in the correct position;



南京金鑫传动设备有限公司D open each valve of the pneumatic system, check and confirm that it is in the working position;

E first measures the position of brake and clutch platen, and then blows air into the brake air bag to make the friction disc plate press down.
F confirm that the pressure at the inlet of the clutch air bag is 0.5-0.8mpa;
G given the analog signal, check and confirm that the brake and clutch are open and closed flexibly, and there is no stuck. Clamping cylinder in the required stroke, correct action, sensitive, smooth.
H starts the main motor according to the first manual control, then semi-automatic control, and then automatic control order, so that the equipment starts, runs, stops and braking, and other actions, should be correct, reliable, and no abnormal phenomenon.
I transmission gear meshing normal, no abnormal sound;
J oil supply is normal at all lubrication parts, and the travel and speed of clutch, brake and pneumatic cylinder meet the requirements of equipment technical documents;
K running continuously for 2~4h;
L bearing temperature rise is normal: rolling bearing temperature rise: acuities were 40 ℃, the highest temperature does not exceed 80 ℃; Sliding bearing temperature rise: 30 ℃ or less, and the highest temperature is not more than 60 ℃;
M drive triangle belt not skid, nibbling edge;



N fasteners, fasteners do not loose.

O safety device (safety interlock), emergency stop and braking, alarm signal, etc., shall be correct, sensitive and reliable after test;P various operating handles, buttons, control displays, signals, etc. should conform to the actual action and motion direction; Pressure, flow, temperature and other instruments and instruments display should be correct, sensitive and reliable;

Q adjust the travel, speed and limit of the moving parts according to the requirements of technical documents of the equipment. Move 5 to 10 times on the whole travel, which should be stable without stuck, vibration and crawling. There shall be no abnormal sound in the reverse direction;
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