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Commissioning of cold shears

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1). The cleanliness of the system shall meet the requirements before filling the media;

2). The specifications, varieties and characteristics of the filled medium shall conform to the following requ
1) the equipment must meet the following conditions before test operation:
1) the equipment and its accessories and pipelines shall be fully constructed and complete with construction records and materials; The equipment accuracy and equipment installation precision have passed the inspection; Lubrication, cooling, water, gas, electrical (meter) control and other accessories
The equipment shall be completed according to the system inspection and meet the test operation requirements.
2). The energy, medium, materials, machines and tools, testing instruments, safety protection facilities and appliances required for test operation shall meet the requirements of test operation;
3). The operating procedures for test run have been prepared and approved according to the specified procedures;
4). The personnel participating in the test run are trained and qualified, familiar with equipment construction, performance and technical documents of the equipment, and master operation procedures and test operation;
5). The surrounding environment of the equipment should be cleaned, equipment (materials) for test run should be stacked neatly, and the operating space should be open;



electrical and control system commissioning shall meet the following requirements:

1). Confirm that the internal and external wiring is correct;
2). Check or debug its cut-out capacity, fuse capacity, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protection, etc. according to the power source type, grade and capacity;
3). Check the technical movements, instructions, signals and interlocking devices with simulated operation according to the system debugging methods and adjustment requirements of the equipment operation manual, which shall be correct, sensitive and reliable.
4) joint debugging of machinery and other systems can be conducted after 1)~3) inspection and adjustment.
(iii) the debugging of the lubrication system shall meet the following requirements:
1). The system is cleaned and checked, and its cleanliness meets the requirements;
2). Lubricate the parts to be lubricated according to the type of grease and supply method; The performance, specification and quantity of lubricant shall comply with the provisions of the equipment operation manual;
3). The movement of all parts of the dry oil centralized lubricating device should be uniform, stable, free of stuck resistance and abnormal sound; Oil feed amount in 5 working cycles, each oil feed hole
4). Thin oil lubrication system shall check whether the oil flow reflected by the oil flow signal device meets the requirements;




 1). The cleanliness of the system shall meet the requirements before filling the media;

2). The specifications, varieties and characteristics of the filled medium shall conform to the following requirements;
3). System pressure test. During the pressure test, the pressure should be slowly increased to the specified value, and the pressure should be kept for 10min. Then, the pressure should be raised to the nominal pressure.
4). The system driver shall not vibrate, crawl or stall within the specified travel and speed range; There shall be no abnormal shock phenomenon in reversing or unloading;
5). The system pipeline is unobstructed; Load test can be carried out after the above debugging.