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Working principle of cold shears

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The premise before starting the cold shear machine:
When the thin oil lubrication system starts, the oil-flow signal indicator is normal.
The dry oil lubrication system is started and the pressure is normal.
Is compressed air start, pressure display is normal;  



The cold shears shall be input by the work station before receiving the output roller signal of the cold bed or before the material head reaches the cold shears. At the same time, the roller can be started before shearing. After the top alignment of the rolled piece, the shearing front roller stop. At the same time, the electromagnetic valve of the steel press device gains power. The brake solenoid valve and the clutch solenoid valve get electric at the same time (the clutch solenoid valve gets electric delay), the flywheel release with the brake and the clutch clamp, drive the crank operation, the crank drive the shear movement of the shear blade, complete the cutting head of the rolling piece.




 Crank trigger switch signal after running to the set point, pressure solenoid valve lose electric signal were steel plant, roller lift, travel switch signal, crank continue rotating trigger another trip switch angles a cold cut stop a normal signals, clutch and brake solenoid valve solenoid at the same time losing electricity (brake solenoid valve delay loss of electricity), crank with the loosen of clutch and brake of clamping and the braking, waiting for the next cut.

Press roll down to press the rolled piece; In work station manually enter shear signal, brake solenoid valve and clutch solenoid valve and electrical (electrical brake solenoid valve delay), flywheel with brake loosen and clamping of the clutch, drive the crank, crank driving shear blade cutting motion, cold cut machine length shear rolled piece for the first time, at the same time scale machine baffle, electromagnetic valve, losing electricity baffle is raised, baffle length machine roller table after startup, rolled piece. Repeat the above measured shear action to complete the shear of the whole length of the piece.