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The construction of cold shears

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Cold shearing machine consists of cold shearing machine body and press steel device. Cold shearing machine body type: crank connecting rod spiral arm cold shearing, the lower cutting blade is fixed, t
Cold shearing machine consists of cold shearing machine body and press steel device. Cold shearing machine body type: crank connecting rod spiral arm cold shearing, the lower cutting blade is fixed, the upper cutting blade rises and falls, realizing shear.
(1) cold shearing machine body
The cold shearing machine body is located in the output table of the cold bed, which is used for cutting head, tail and cutting length of cold rolled parts. The cold shear body consists of a bed body, a sliding block assembly, a crank drive assembly, a transition shaft assembly, a high-speed shaft assembly, and a thin oil lubrication system, a dry oil lubrication system, a pneumatic system, and a control system.
The cold shear body is driven by the main motor through the v-belt, and the high-speed shaft is equipped with brake, clutch and flywheel. The high-speed shaft drives the transition shaft through the gear, and the transition shaft drives the crank connecting rod mechanism to achieve the shear action. The whole transmission of the body is divided into three decelerations.

1) thin oil lubrication systemThe dilute oil system is composed of dilute oil pump, filter and other components and adopts concentrated forced self-lubrication. Used to lubricate the transmission gear of cold shears.Thin oil brand: N320.Amount of oil added: should not be less than 1/3 of the oil mark and should not be higher than 2/3.Oil change cycle: first use: 1 week; Next march.2) dry oil lubrication systemThe oil lubrication system is composed of dry oil station, dry oil filter, dry oil distributor and pipeline, which is used for lubrication of each bearing shell and sliding block of the cold shearing machine.Dry oil: # 2 lithium greaseFuel capacity: not less than 1/3 of the fuel tank and not more than 4/5Replace dry oil regularly滤器:6个月



(2) pressure steel device
For compression of rolled parts during shearing. The pressing steel device is driven by the cylinder to press the roller to press the rolled piece.
Cylinder parameters:
Maximum pressure: 15bar
Work pressure: 6bar
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