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Layout and equipment composition of underground coiler.

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The underground coiler is positioned behind the output table of the tropical continuous rolling mill. It is called an underground coiler because it lies below the roller level. The working condition of coiler is the worst and one of the most trouble - prone parts in the whole continuous rolling mill. In order to maintain the production rhythm of continuous rolling unit, three more coiler are arranged in sequence. Alternate use of two, one standby maintenance. To make before coiling strip temperature cooled to metal below the phase transition point (carbon steel for 540-620 ℃), at the end of the reel and the distance between the frame finishing mill general requirements remain at about 120-150 - mm. In recent years, with the increase of rolling mill speed, the increase of rolling weight and the expansion of strip thickness range, the layout of coiler is required to have stronger process adaptability. In some high productivity hot strip rolling line with large product thickness range, two near distance coiling machines are required to be installed at 60-70m away from the final stand rolling mill for coiling thin strip steel with fast cooling speed. 2 ~ 3 remote coiler is installed at 180 ~ 200m away from the fin


The underground coiler is mainly composed of tension roller (feeding roller), front and back guide ruler, guide plate device, roller and guide plate, reel and unroll device. In addition, some other auxiliary facilities shall be provided in the coiling area, such as the bridge table, emergency shears, coil output transport chain, transport vehicle, roll tipper, baling machine and so on.