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Eight pyramid coiler

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This year, the cold rolling mill is developing towards high speed, rewinding and automation. First of all, to reduce the rotary inertia of the coiler, improve the starting, speed regulation, braking performance, tend to adopt the direct motor drive reel way. Secondly, in order to solve the effect of the gap between fan-shaped blocks on the surface quality of thin strip steel when expanding, the reel adopts the structure of tetrahedral and paneled (i.e., octagon), which can become a complete cylinder after expanding.
Figure 12-13 is a 1700 cold tandem eight-cone winder, which is composed of a reel, expansion and contraction machine, a rack, a toothed coupling, a base, and a stripper. Coiler drum a ¢610 and 450 ¢two specifications, to take the machine to replace quickly replace the reel.
The reel is composed of fan-shaped piece, insert bar, octagon core shaft, draw bar, spline shaft, etc. When expanding diameter, cylinder 8 pushes two inclined blocks 12 to move to the left through lever fork 13, making four expansion and contraction linkages 9 straightened and pushing annular spring and square frame 11, making spline shaft 6 and pull rod 4 move to the right. Therefore, the pull rod drives the headgear 20 to make the segment 2 and panel 19 move the right expansion diameter relative to the pyramid axis.


When reducing the diameter, the oil cylinder will pull out the inclined block through the lever fork, the expansion and contraction link will bend under the action of spring 1, and the compression and deformation energy of the fan-shaped block and spline shaft stored in spring 1 can be reset when the expansion diameter depends on spring 1. In order to improve the rigidity of the coiler, the coiler is provided with a movable support.

The strength of the cone is high and the stiffness of the segment is large. Fan-shaped dollop of inclined wedge Angle 120 °, the wedge Angle of 51 "16 ° 43 ', the fan blocks and gib noninterference in the swell-shrink movement, but the wedge face all stay in touch, swelling after strip just fill the fan-shaped dollop aperture, roll into a circle. As the Angle of inclined wedge is greater than the Angle of friction, the cone drum is also an automatic reduction type. Since the expansion and contraction cylinder avoids the position of the reel axis, the reel can be directly connected to the main drive motor through the driving shaft 15 and the toothed coupling 14, and the transmission system has a small moment of inertia.
Adjusting bolt 10 limits the position of expansion and contraction link 9, so as to adjust the expansion and contraction of the drum.
When the fan-shaped segment and insert strip are removed, screw down the mandrel 4 from the spline shaft 6 to remove other parts.
The eight - cone drum is suitable for high - speed continuous rolling mill. But the structure is more complex, machining precision is high, the spring is easy to damage.