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Classification of cold strip coiler

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At present, most of the coil coils of cold rolled strip steel are used, and the equipment is simple, mainly composed of the drum and its drive system, the pressing roller, the movable support and the pushing and unrolling device. The drum and its drive system constitute the core part of the coiler. Whether the rest device must be installed or not depends on the technological requirements. High productivity coiler often does not have coiler.



  The cold strip coiler can be divided into two categories, namely large tension coiler and finishing coiler. Large tension coiler is mainly used for reversing rolling mill, continuous rolling mill, single stand rolling mill and leveling machine. The finishing coiler is mainly used for continuous annealing, pickling, coating, slitting and rewinding. According to the structure characteristics of reel, it can be divided into solid drum reel machine, four pyramid drum reel machine, eight pyramid cone drum reel machine, four inclined wedge and bow shape block coiler. The first three kinds of strength are good, and the radial stiffness is big. The latter two are simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and are often used for low tension of various finishing lines. In addition, the performance of large tension reel is also good and controllable stiffness.