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How the coiler works

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The hot rolled strip coiler adopts floating frame to ensure that the end surface of the strip is neat and the quality is guaranteed, which is monitored by the strip edge control device, so that the stand can track the strip and prevent the strip coiling from producing a string layer, which is controlled in the minimum range.
The stand is mainly composed of a floating base and a base. The piston rod is connected with the floating base. The piston moves in both directions and the stroke is + / -150 mm, while the hydraulic oil of the floating cylinder is supplied and controlled by the hydraulic station of the separate strip edge control device. The sliding way of floating base adopts sliding plate type, which can adjust the gap between the upper and lower sliding plates with the top wire, and can be guaranteed during assembly or by adding gasket under the pressure plate. The sliding surface of the floating base shall be lubricated with grease.



The reducer is a two-stage cylindrical helical gear, which is horizontal. The main shaft of the reel is the low-speed shaft of the reducer. This reducer not only completes the deceleration to realize the power transmission, but also plays the role of the machine frame. Therefore, the box must have sufficient strength and stiffness. Reducer gear meshing and its bearings are lubricated by thin oil circulation.The reel is the core part of the reel. The coil is provided with a clamp mouth, which can reliably hold the head of the strip in order to form tension. This drum adopts hydraulic drum, which is reduced in diameter by the control of hydraulic cylinder. The work is stable and reliable.


The drum is composed of a main shaft, four fan blocks, four expansion diameters of inclined wedge, nippers of inclined wedge, draw bar, upper nippers plate, movable nippers plate, hydraulic cylinder, etc.

The expansion and contraction of the drum is connected with the expansion diameter and Angle wedge of the clamp through the tie bar and push block in the middle of the spindle. The diameter of expansion and contraction can be realized by the radial movement of the four fan-shaped blocks. According to the position in the assembly drawing, the expansion diameter will be generated when the hydraulic cylinder piston moves to the left. It shrinks as it moves to the right. The clamping port is located at the connection of the lower two fan-shaped pieces. The hole is open when reducing the diameter, which can feed the steel. The hydraulic cylinder device is fixed on the reducer, and the rotary of the drum is driven by the frequency conversion alternating current motor through the reducer.
The push plate device is used to remove the coil from the reel. The push plate device is provided with two guide rods, which are fixed on the upper box of the reducer with sliding bearing seat. The push plate device moves forward and backward with hydraulic cylinder to operate.

The movable support is when the gravity of the reel and the tension of the reel act on one end of the reel during the crimping and winding process. In order to prevent the deformation of the crankshaft and affect the production, a movable support is installed at the other end of the reel to overcome the gravity and tension of the reel and effectively prevent the winding. The movable support is composed of base, rod and hydraulic cylinder.The accurate stop device of the reel is when the reel stops, in order to make the clamping mouth stop at the operating line, make the clamping mouth right to the guide plate, so that the strip head can enter the clamping mouth smoothly. For this reason, there is a proximity switch between the machine base and the reel shaft for testing control.