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Overview of hot - rolled strip coiler

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在近代轧钢生产中,卷取机的用途是收集超长轧件,将其卷绕成卷以位于生产、运输和贮存。  卷取机是轧钢车间的重要辅助设备,是成卷轧制主轧线中必不可少的设备,在带材和线材生产中均被广泛应用。轧钢生产实践证明.保证卷取机顺利工作对提高轧机的生产率有很重要的意义。  卷取机的类型技其用途可分为热带材卷取机、冷带材卷取机。热带钢卷取机是热连轧机、炉卷轧机和行星轧机的配套设备,有地上式式、元卷筒式等。由于地下式
In modern steel rolling production, the coiler is used to collect the super-long rolling pieces and wind them into rolls for production, transportation and storage.
The coiler is an important auxiliary equipment in the rolling workshop and an indispensable equipment in the main rolling line. The practice of rolling steel production has proved that it is of great significance to improve the productivity of rolling mill to ensure the smooth operation of coiler.
The type of coiler can be divided into tropical coiling machine, cold strip coiling machine. The tropical steel coiler is the auxiliary equipment of hot continuous rolling mill, furnace rolling mill and planet rolling mill, it has on the ground type, yuan drum type and so on. This kind of coiling is mainly used in modern hot rolling production line because of the high productivity of the underground coiler, which is convenient for coiling wide and thick strip with compact volume and other holding points.
Overview of hot - rolled strip coiler
The process of producing hot rolled strip with thickness of 1.2 ~ 8mm in hot strip mill. Strip steel width under 600mm is called strip steel; Over 600mm is called wide strip steel. The first strip hot rolling mill was put into operation in the United States in 1905, producing strip with width of 200mm. The technical and economic indexes of hot strip mill are superior and develop rapidly. In the industrial developed countries, the output of hot rolled wide strip steel before 1950 accounted for about 25 percent of the total steel production, which reached about 50 percent in the 1970s. The raw material of hot rolled strip is continuous casting slab or initial rolling slab with a thickness of 130 ~ 300mm. After the slab is heated in the heating furnace, it is sent to the rolling mill to form strips of 1.00 ~ 25.4mm thick and rolled into steel coils. Rolled steel is ordinary carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and silicon steel. It is mainly used as raw material for cold-rolled strip steel, welded pipe, cold bend and welded section steel. Or used for making various structural parts, containers, etc.
Recent coiler developments abroad have been represented by Germany's SMS and Japan's IHI. At present, the method adopted by SMS is that the roller at the center guide plate itself has a certain slope, so that when the strip enters the area of the center guide plate, it will naturally move towards the hydraulic driven side guide plate which is controlled by the middle guide plate preset according to the width of the strip measured by the width gauge in front. At the same time. On the other side, the strip before entering the guide plate, on the other side of the guide plate is by hydraulic transmission to slightly wider than the width of a few places, after being strip into, again through the guide plate on both sides of the short stroke before the fast hydraulic cylinder controlled by servo valve light on edge of strip steel, strip can guarantee before coiler and frame building at the end of the tension in a strip steel accurately. When tension between strip and reel occurs, control side guide plate is slightly relaxed. Dynamic tracking and pressure control of side pressure are performed at the same time. When the end of the strip leaves the last frame or the clamping roller, the side guide plate is again attached to the edge of the strip. In order to control the end of the strip to enter the center of the reel to ensure that the actinide tail coil has a good condition. During the whole control process, the position of the guide plate is detected according to the displacement sensor inside the guide plate drive hydraulic cylinder.
Overview of hot - rolled strip coiler
In recent years, hydraulic driven coiler also appeared in China. Because oil motor has fast speed regulation performance, adopting hydraulic transmission is of great significance for high speed rolling. In some small single-stand irreversible cold rolling machine, the coiler also adopts the ac motor. At this time, the friction transmission method, such as friction plate or belt pulley, is used in the transmission device to realize the speed regulation. This is when the torque is basically unchanged. The disadvantage of this method is that it can not maintain constant tension and friction tablets wear easily. The advantage is simple equipment and less investment.