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Structural features of multi-roll straightener

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Stretching-bending straightening is a straightening method developed on the basis of roller straightening and stretching straightening, which is the combination of the above two methods. The 23 - roll

Stretching-bending straightening is a straightening method developed on the basis of roller straightening and stretching straightening, which is the combination of the above two methods. The 23 - roll stretching and bending straightening machine is different from the conventional straightening machine. The reason why it has the best straightening effect of straightening strip is determined by its structure characteristics. The equipment has:


 (1) upper and lower roller sets with non-driven special structure.

(2) central height adjustment device of upper roller set.

(3) tilt adjustment device of upper roller set.
(4) the bending device of the lower roller set (iron control).
(5) large number of working rolls.


Through these devices, the gap between the upper and lower straightening rolls of the straightening machine can be adjusted arbitrarily. According to the material, thickness and shape of the straightened material, different roller joints can be selected. The straightened material usually produces large bending at the entrance of the bending straightening machine, which decreases gradually along the exit direction. After repeated correction of many rollers, the curvature of strip gradually decreases and becomes flat.


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