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Overview of straightener

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With the development of national economy and industrial technology, the requirements of users on quality indexes of copper and copper alloy plate and strip are higher and higher. In recent years, alth
With the development of national economy and industrial technology, the requirements of users on quality indexes of copper and copper alloy plate and strip are higher and higher. In recent years, although the hot and cold rolling equipment of copper strip is becoming more and more advanced, the flatness of strip type is improved to a great extent. However, from the perspective of production efficiency, equipment investment cost, equipment maintenance and other actual use effects, the equipment and rolling process alone will not meet the requirements of strip profile in electrical and electronic industries.
At present, 23 rolls stretching and bending straightening machine, which is specially designed for straightening copper strip profile, can effectively straighten the strip profile, and has been widely used and developed in the processing of copper strip profile. However, in the field of copper processing, due to many factors affecting the profile of copper strip, the profile is not easy to control. Among them, the most critical decisive factor is the precision and stability of the stretching and bending straightening machine itself. This paper mainly introduces how to ensure the high accuracy and stability of the stretching and bending straightening machine by optimizing the structure design and improving the machining precision of parts.


 Stretching and bending straightening machine is one of the important civil products projects of our company. Various types of stretching and bending straightening machines, such as 650mm, 750mm, 800mm, 850mm, 1450mm and so on, are produced throughout the year. Not long ago, our factory developed and produced a 600mm copper belt 23 roll stretching bending straightening machine for a copper industry co., LTD in anhui province. After installation and commissioning, it has been put into production and achieved good results. After a period of tests, the product performance is stable. I have been praised by the customers, and now I will share some experience accumulated in the development process with you. I hope you can learn from it.

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