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Technological parameters of hot saw

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1) saw blade circular speed v increases saw blade circular speed v, which can reduce the cutting thickness of each saw under the same feeding speed u, so as to reduce the force on each tooth. In other words, if each tooth can bear a certain amount of load, the increase of v can create conditions for the increase of u, that is, the increase of productivity. However, with the increase of u, the radial tensile stress caused by centrifugal force will increase, thus reducing the sawtooth capacity. Therefore, the circular velocity of commonly used saw blade is below 100-120m/s, and vmax=140m/s.
(2) the feeding speed (or feed speed and feed speed)u should be adjusted accordingly according to the cross section of the sliced and rolled piece. Generally, u=30-300mm/s should be taken.
In addition to fitting with the cross section of the rolled piece (small u used in large cross section), u should also fit with v. Because if v is too low and u is too high, the chip thickness increases and the sawing resistance increases. On the contrary, if v is too high and u is too low, the chip thickness is too thin and the sawdust is easy to break into powder, which will make the serrated part, especially the tip part, wear away rapidly. Both of these affect the lifetime of the saw tooth.
(3) the area of the sawing surface per second (f) is a main process parameter of the thermal saw machine. It is not closely related to the productivity and cutting quality of the thermal saw machine. The commonly used f value is shown in table 10-2.


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