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Serrated and saw blade material

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 (1) serrated shapeReasonable serrated shape shall meet the following conditions: good serrated strength, low cutting energy consumption, long service life, low noise, and economical cost of manufactu

 (1) serrated shapeReasonable serrated shape shall meet the following conditions: good serrated strength, low cutting energy consumption, long service life, low noise, and economical cost of manufacture and regrinding.The main parameters of sawtooth profile of thermal sawing machine are: tooth front Angle r, tooth distance t ', tooth back Angle r ', tooth roof Angle, tooth height h, tooth root radius r, etc. There are three kinds of commonly used tooth forms: spike, rat tooth and isosceles triangle.


 (2) saw blade materials and saw tooth heat treatmentThe blade material is usually made of 65Mn, and the blade tip is usually hardened by high-frequency induction heating or contact electric heating. The blade tip hardness is HRC=56-63.


(iii) saw tooth coolingWhen sawing, cutting and friction generate a lot of heat, and the hot saw blade directly contact with high-temperature rolled parts, making the temperature of the serrated part rise rapidly, so strong cooling must be carried out to avoid tooth tip annealing. In addition. Sometimes, the chip adheres to the tooth tip or the tooth groove, which will reduce the sharpness of the tooth tip when the cutting is continued, or make the chip press down on the tooth groove to form a "plug tooth" phenomenon. In both cases, the cutting force of the saw increases rapidly, causing damage to the saw blade and saw blade. Therefore, it is an effective measure to improve the life of saw blade and saw blade to use high pressure water to cool. The high pressure water pressure used in some thermal saws is greater than 3MPa.