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The main points of fault treatment of central drive reducer

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中心传动管磨机主减速机发生故障后,在对现场详细观察分析,搞清楚故障情况,并保留故障遗留的实物和必要的检测情况记录,积极与制造厂家联系,认真细致地分析故障原因,在想方设法迅速恢复生产和力争把损失降到最小的原则指导下,根据实际情况制订切实可行的处理方案。     减速机齿轮断齿故障,要将断齿部分打掉,清除裂纹的扩展部分,并将毛刺、尖角用砂轮打圆磨光;检查齿面啮合情况,尽量调整到最佳状态;酌情减负荷运行

Center drive pipe mill main reducer after failure occurs, the detailed analysis on the spot, to clear the fault, and we reserve the right to physical fault legacy and the necessary test case record, active contact manufacturer, careful and meticulous analysis of the cause of the problem, in trying to quickly restore production and strive to reduce the losses to minimum, under the guidance of the principle of formulating feasible treatment scheme according to actual situation.


When the gear of the reducer breaks its teeth, it is necessary to knock off the broken tooth part, remove the crack extension part, and grind the burrs and sharp angles with the grinding wheel. Check the meshing situation of tooth surface and adjust to the best condition as far as possible; Reduce the load operation as appropriate, strengthen the condition monitoring, lubricating oil management and improve the maintenance operation level, reduce the start times as far as possible, sign the parts order contract with the manufacturer as soon as possible, and reach an agreement on the next installation and debugging.



The breaking fault of the torque shaft pin of the reducer drive should be checked for the meshing synchronization of the tooth surface and adjusted to the best condition as far as possible. Rehinge pin holes and configure the transmission torque shaft pin according to each pin. The bearing shell of the reducer is to be scraped again, and the gaps of the bearing shell are strictly controlled. To sum up, after the fault of the reducer occurs, first of all, on the basis of investigating the cause of the fault, taking into account the causes of equipment, tools, experience and technology, try to ask the manufacturer to send someone or someone to guide the repair, check the quality, save time and minimize the loss.


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