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Roll press overview

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辊压机是在二十世纪末研制、开发的最新一代水泥工业专用粉磨设备,它能在极低能源消耗和运行成本下,实现水泥生料和水泥成品产量的大幅度提高。     辊压机的主要特点  1)在粉磨系统中装备辊压机,可使粉磨设备的生产能力得以充分发挥,一般可提高产量30%-40%,总能耗可降低20%-30%。  2)结构紧凑、重量轻、体积小,对于相同生产能力要求的粉磨系统,装备辊压机可显著节省投资。  3)结构简单、占用

 Roller mill is the latest generation of special grinding equipment for cement industry developed and developed at the end of 20th century.

辊压机概述The main features of the roller press

1) equipped with roller press in the grinding system can give full play to the production capacity of the grinding equipment. Generally, the output can be increased by 30%-40% and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30%.

2) with compact structure, light weight and small volume, the equipment of roller press can significantly save investment for the grinding system with the same production capacity.
3) simple structure, small space, convenient operation and maintenance.
4) less dust, low noise, and the working environment has been greatly improved.
5) operating condition is high pressure, low speed and heavy load.

辊压机概述The roller press consists of two extrusion rollers rotating synchronously in opposite directions. One is a stationary roller, the other is a moving roller, and the two rollers rotate in opposite directions.Material under high pressure to become solid material cake from the roll out. The cake contains a certain proportion of finished powder and the coarse particles are also full of cracks in the interior, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency in the further grinding process. The continuous direct action of the extrusion roller of the roller press on the material layer.