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Overview of mill drive system

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机的传动系统也就显得愈发重要。     从不同的角度可以

Ball mill or rod mill (hereinafter referred to as grinding mill) is a traditional equipment for grinding materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, strong adaptability to materials, low cost and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in cement, mine, non-ferrous and refractory industries. Judging from the development trend in recent years, although the application of high-efficiency grinding equipment such as roller mill is constantly expanding, the traditional mill still has its specific market, and its market vitality will not end in a short time. And its specification is still increasing, its drive power is also increasing, so as one of its important parts of the mill transmission system is more and more important.


The structure of mill drive system can be classified from different angles. Central transmission refers to that the main reducer is directly connected with the grinding machine's main shaft through the coupling and drives the grinding machine barrel to rotate. It is characterized by the layout of the grinding machine's driving system along the grinding machine's Central Line. The system covers a small area and the overall layout is relatively compact. Edge drive refers to that the main reducer drives the big gear ring installed on the mill barrel through the small gear, so as to achieve the rotation of the mill. This type of drive is characterized by years of application, rich maintenance experience, low cost, but relatively large system and heavy weight, especially when it is of high power.