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Overview of reduction machines for rolling mills

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The rolling mill gear box, also called rolling mill reducer, is used to reduce the input speed and increase the output torque. It is mainly used in the driving part of rolling steel production lines,
I. product introduction
The rolling mill gear box, also called rolling mill reducer, is used to reduce the input speed and increase the output torque. It is mainly used in the driving part of rolling steel production lines, such as bar, wire, profile, strip, plate, etc., and is one of the key equipment in the steel mill.
Jinxin drive has provided more than 8000 kinds of rolling mill gear boxes to 95% of China's steel enterprises and countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Italy and France. With a market share of about 40%, jinxin has a good reputation and reputation in the industry.



   Ii. Main product parameters

The name of the


Maximum motor power

 4400 kw

Maximum input speed

 2000 r/min

The highest speed ratio


Maximum output rolling torque

 2630 KN.M

Direction of rotation


Maximum weight

 170 tons of

Product classification
1. According to the rolling process
The classification of rolling mill reducers is determined by rolling process, which is mainly divided into four types: west mark SMS model, MORGAN model, POMINI model, DANIELI model and so on.
2. Arrange accordingly
In general, the rolling of bar and wire is arranged alternately horizontally and vertically, so that the billet can be rolled in four directions, up and down, to improve the overall mechanical performance of the billet. Horizontal rolling mill is called h-type rolling mill (H is the first letter of the English word "horizontal"). The vertical rolling mill is called V type rolling mill (V is the initial letter of vertical), and the reducer inside is called V type reducer. In addition, there is an H/V flat-stand transfer mill, which can be used to determine whether it is horizontal or vertical.



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